Buying and Insuring a Used Car in Baton Rouge, LA

Buying a used car is somewhat of a risk unless you know every owner the car had. One of the problems many people face when buying a used car in Baton Rouge, LA is flood damage. There are many cars sold at auction that have been through floods and are not in the best condition. Superficially they look ideal but check under the hood and throughout the interior, and you will find water marks where the car was submerged.

Buying the Right Car

When you begin to look for a used car, be careful who choose to deal with. Always use reputable dealers who will verify the history of the vehicle. Inspect the vehicle you are looking to buy thoroughly to uncover any potential problems or past damage. You need to find the right car for the right price, that will last you for an extended period.

Getting the Right Insurance

Once you have a vehicle picked out, talk to your insurance agent to see if they can find out anything about the vehicle’s past. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you if the vehicle has anything wrong with it that would prevent them from providing you sufficient coverage. They will also help you get the best possible deal for your money.

Call Cordell Insurance if you have any questions on how to get your “new” used car insured. Serving the residents of Baton Rouge, LA, our office works to make sure each of our clients has the right amount of insurance for the type of car they have purchased. We can also help you uncover possible damage to the car before you buy. Ask your agent today how we can help protect you and the investment you make when you purchase a used vehicle.

Keep Your Home in Tip-top Shape in 2017

The holidays have passed and now is the time that many of us make New Year’s resolutions. We plan to work more towards getting in shape, eating right, getting organized, or finally achieving a goal we have set.  In addition to setting personal goals, have you thought about goals for your home? At Cordell Insurance of Baton Rouge, LA, we care about our clients’ personal lives and also their homes. We hope you will use these tips to keep your home in tip-top shape throughout the year of 2017.

Quarterly Maintenance Tips

Some tasks are performed quarterly. Do these at the beginning of each new season to keep it simple:

  • Check the water heater’s pressure relief valve.
  • Clean the range hood filter.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and freezer.

Monthly Maintenance Tips

Monthly tasks must be performed often for good home maintenance. These include checking the HVAC air filters and changing them out. Test your smoke alarms and electrical outlets on a monthly basis. It is critical to your home’s safety that these are functioning properly. To keep up with home maintenance, yet not overload yourself with chores, set up a schedule of tasks to perform each month. Here is an example for the first six months of 2017:

January – check and repair caulking on windows, bathrooms, and kitchens.

February – check water drainage around the home.

March – get AC inspected.

April – clean gutters and check for damage.

May – clean interior and exterior vents, including HVAC vents.

June – clean window surfaces, sills, and screens.

At Cordell Insurance of Baton Rouge, LA, we hope your home stays in tip-top shape all year long.  If you have an issue we can help with, contact one of our knowledgeable insurance agents.    

What You Should Know About Flooding and Home Insurance in Baton Rouge, LA

If you live in Baton Rouge, LA, you know that flooding is a distinct possibility at any time. You should make a point of being aware of what kinds of damage home insurance will actually cover in the state of Louisiana if you want to make sure that you have the appropriate coverage to protect your home and belongings.

One common misconception is that home insurance policies will cover damage that occurs as the result of a flood. Generally speaking, home insurance will not cover this damage. In order to have your home protected financially in the event of a flood, you will need to purchase a flood insurance policy in addition to your home insurance policy. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has said that flooding is the number one in terms of natural disasters in the United States, and this is especially applicable to the state of Louisiana, which is considered by FEMA to be a flood zone. As such, you should make sure that you are prepared for the event of a flood. You cannot rely solely on your home insurance policy to help recover your home and belongings in the event that they are destroyed by a flood, so you will need to purchase a flood insurance policy as well.

If you are a resident of Baton Rouge, LA, and you are interested in knowing more about home insurance and how it applies in the event of flooding, you can feel free to contact the professionals at David Cordell Insurance. The agents at David Cordell Insurance can tell you everything that you need to know about home insurance in the state of Louisiana and answer any questions that you might have. They can tell you what you need to do in order to be able to ensure that you will not lose your home and everything you own in the event of a flood.

Reasons You Need RV Insurance

Whether you live in an RV full time or simply use one for recreational purposes, purchasing RV insurance is of the utmost importance. A low-cost way to protect one of your most expensive investments, purchasing a quality RV insurance policy now can save you tons of time, money, and effort in the future. Are you curious about the benefits of RV insurance? You’ve come to the right place. 

Much-Needed Coverage

Although many believe that their auto insurance policy provides enough coverage for their RV, they are often mistaken. Given the value of the average RV as compared to the average vehicle, it is clear that the costs to repairs accidents related to an RV could be quite a bit costlier than that of an accident caused by a smaller vehicle. Therefore, purchasing an RV insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself from expensive claims and lawsuits. 

Cover a Vast Array of Vehicles

Whether you use your RV for recreation, as a home, have a detachable trailer, an array of connected appliances, or any other combination of factors, RV insurance allows you to make sure each and every part of your vehicle is covered. 

Customizable Packages

As with general auto insurance, clients are able to purchase customized packages that provide the level of coverage they are seeking. This means you are free to pick the policy that provides the coverage most suitable to your financial status as well as coverage goals. 

Overall, if you are seeking quality RV insurance in Louisiana , Cordell Insurance is here to serve you. Offering customizable packages for recreational vehicles of all kinds, call, email, or stop in today to get your customized quote and find out how you can save! 

Getting Your Home Fall Ready

Getting your home ready for fall is an important process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Baton Rouge, Louisiana doesn’t see very low winter temperatures, but there are still steps you need to take to get your home fall-ready.

Check your roof. To get on top of roof problems, you can use binoculars to conduct an inspection from the ground and hire someone to clean your gutters. You can also use a ladder and clean your gutters while inspecting your roof if you prefer to do it yourself.

If you have a fireplace, it needs to be inspected every fall. Creosote buildup can cause a fire hazard, so you will want to check your flue with a flashlight. If you find build up over 1/8 of an inch thick, it’s time to get it cleaned. While you are checking the flue, you should also make sure that there is nothing blocking it near the top. If you have a wood stove, you will need to check your flue in the same manner. You also want to make sure that your damper is working properly, and inspect your fireplace and chimney for any signs of damage. 

Check your windows and doors for cracks and drafts. Your windows and doors can let in lots of cold air if they aren’t sealed properly. These gaps can cause a 10% increase in your energy bills. You can hold a candle up to your windows and doors to check for any drafts and conduct a visual inspection. Replacing weatherstripping or caulking the area should prevent any drafts.

While you are getting your home ready for fall, you should also take a look at your home insurance coverage. Cordell Insurance can help you with your insurance needs. Call Cordell Insurance today to make sure your home is fully protected this fall.

Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

Whether you will be away for a few days or a number of weeks, you should get your home prepared before you leave on that much needed vacation. There are a few smart ideas you should follow to avoid any stress during your time away.

Hold newspaper and mail deliveries. Contact your local newspaper company and post office to have those deliveries stopped during your vacation. If mail or papers pile up on your doorstep, thieves may take advantage and realize that there is no one at home.

Have a night timer. Use a timer that will automatically turn your lights on in the evening and then turn them off when you would normally go to bed. This will deter anyone that is lurking in your neighborhood.

Clean the refrigerator. Remove any perishable items that will spoil. Milk, vegetables, and leftovers can be removed and thrown out before you leave. When you return from your vacation, you can relax without having to tackle this situation.

Take care of the laundry. Wash the laundry the day before you leave. It doesn’t take long for mold and mildew to buildup. Wet towels and clothing could become damaged in a short amount of time. If you take a shower the morning you leave, hang the towels and washcloths up to dry.

Don’t forget your plants and pets. Ask a neighbor to water your plants and feed your pets. If you have small reptiles or aquatic animals, such as lizards, fish, or frogs, give your neighbor a strict feeding schedule. For larger animals, select a boarding facility that will care for your creature while you are gone.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the independent agents at Cordell Insurance can offer you advice and information on new and existing home insurance policies.


Why You Need Umbrella Insurance in Baton Rouge, LA

For those in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who worry about having enough insurance coverage, purchasing an umbrella insurance policy from a local agent like Cordell Insurance who serves the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area is a great option. However, many don’t even know what an umbrella insurance policy is in the first place, which makes it difficult for them to purchase one. This helpful guide below will not only help you learn all about umbrella insurance policies but whether or not they are right for you and your specific situation and lifestyle.


Umbrella insurance policies are those that cover parts of existing insurance policies that have gaps in them, like auto and home insurance. It’s basically added coverage in areas that are lightly covered by this existing policies. Umbrella policies also cover things like liability, slander and libel threats which could lead to costly and financially damaging lawsuits without their protection.


People who have relatively high profiles in their personal lives as well as a good amount of money often have umbrella insurance policies, but all types of people who could be vulnerable to lawsuits or extra amounts of liability need them as well. Businesses are especially in need of umbrella insurance so that they can fully protect themselves from a lawsuit from a client or customer.


The best way to determine if you need an umbrella insurance policy is to take your individual situation into account and see if an umbrella insurance policy will be helpful to you and any future issues that may arise. Also, think about what your life will be like in the future and whether or not you will live a lifestyle or may end up in a situation where an umbrella insurance policy will be a helpful thing to have.


Tips To Make Packing and Unpacking Easier

Packing and unpacking are the worst parts of any move, especially if you have hired movers to actually take your items from one place to another. This is the part that people dread because they do not want to spend a lot of time packing just to have a mess to unpack. However, there are several ways you can make the unpacking part easier. The key is to take some time while you are packing to organize the boxes and make sure you have things where you want them. Use these tips for a better unpacking experience and contact us at Cordell Insurance for all of your homeowners insurance needs.

  • Color code all of your boxes based on room. When you are packing up different rooms, use stickers to label where they should go. That way, you can easily unpack each room and have all of the boxes in there as you go. Make sure you know what color goes in what room so that you do not get them all mixed up during the move. 
  • Label your boxes and keep an inventory. At the same time that you are color coding your boxes, make sure that you are labeling boxes so that you know what is in them. It is also a great idea to keep an inventory so you can find any boxes that you need in no time at all. 
  • Pack a first night box. It is a nightmare to move everything in and have no idea where your toothbrush is on the first night. Save yourself from this by packing a first night box with all of the essentials you will need. Then you can get some good sleep and start tackling the rest of the home the next day. 

How to Prep Your Boat After Months of Storage

There are two important processes you’ll put your boat through every year. The first is winterization, the next is dewinterizing the boat. Once you are ready to take the boat out of storage and set sail onto waters both salt and fresh, you need to follow through with these different steps. At Cordell Insurance, we understand how important boating is to you, whether you live in Baton Rouge, LA or really anywhere else around water, which is why we want to help you protect your boat for as long as possible. 

Change the Fluids and Check the Battery

Before turning the key on the ignition, you need to change the engine oil and filter, same as you would any car that has been sitting in storage for several months. Once you have the oil changed and ready to go, check over the battery. Clean off the connectors and make sure all the wires are in top shape. Last thing you want is for the battery to die on you while out on the water. 

If your system uses antifreeze, make sure to flush the antifreeze before applying new coolant to the engine compartment. It is always best to start off the year with new fluids all the way around. 

Examine the Exterior

The best way to do this is while washing the boat. Hand washing the boat allows you to touch every inch of it, so you can notice dings, scratches or other problem areas you might need to address. Make sure to focus extra attention on the underside of the boat and around the engine. Also, if you use the boat in salt water, make sure to rinse it off every time, otherwise you’ll be forced to deal with rusting. 

Giving Back To The Baton Rouge Community

The Baton Rouge area is a beautiful one but not everyone is thriving in the community. There are many people who could use assistance. Their needs are often very basic, such as food and clothing, but unfortunately, not all people in the community assist. If everyone in the community gave back in one way, it would be a better place for all. If you have the means, you should donate to your local Baton Rouge community and encourage others to give back with you. Use these ideas to get you started. 

  • Donate blood. Whether you go to a local blood bank or participate in a blood drive, give blood as often as you can. Just one pint of blood can save three lives. Imagine how many you could save if you gave blood a few times per year.
  • Donate food. Your local food banks provide food to people who cannot afford it otherwise. They do not always have enough food, though, for the community. Donate non-perishable food to your local food bank to help out.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter. Not only do shelters need supplies, but they also need help getting the work done. If you have time to volunteer, make some time to volunteer for your community.
  • Donate old clothes. If you were planning on just throwing them away anyway, put them to better use by donating them.
  • Donate money. If you do not have time to do any of these things, you can always donate money to a local cause or charity.

Support local business in your community by making sure you get all of your insurance through Cordell Insurance serving Baton Rouge, LA. They can help you find the plans that work with your needs and budget.